Happy Fridays: Hitting Targets

Happy, happy Friday, my fellow hustlers. I tell my coworkers all the time, "I was looking forward to this Friday since last Friday!" But I mean it when I say it. And this Friday I'm particularly happy for... having met a financial target goal for the month!!! Whoooo! Seriously. I've set target money goals before... Continue Reading →

No matter how it may feel, rejection isn't personal, but success always is.

Sending Off an Los Angeles Favorite

Today marks the last day of service for a Los Angeles favorite in the heart of the Miracle Mile. After a 40 year run, the small chain restaurant is closing its doors due to higher rent (damn, Los Angeles). The closing of my favorite brunch spot saddens me as I know that their closing isn't... Continue Reading →


Thanks to Postmates' free delivery for Chipotle orders through this weekend, I can go to bed with a full (although I ate hours ago) belly. Night, my fellow hustlers.

Happy Friday: Everyday I’m Hustlin’!

Forgetting that today is Friday the 13th, because hustlers don't believe in superstition, we believe in hard ass work -- Happy Friday, my fellow hustlers. This Friday is very happy for me for a number of reasons. One, I just published my photo/poetry book yesterday on Amazon and I'm so excited about it. Two, I've... Continue Reading →

Hey… I Published a Book

And I'm excited about it. Now, it's now great American novel and it doesn't fall into a story genre, but a little somethin'-somethin' I've been working on. It's a short body of work that combines poetry and photos summed up as a snippet of my perspective as an Los Angeles dweller. And I hope to... Continue Reading →

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