Emma’s Resignation Letter

So.... {laughs} So... I a friend and I guess I can call her a former co-worker sent in her resignation letter Monday afternoon.  I had the chance to read the draft and the final version before she emailed it to our HR department and the COO and owner of the company.  And all I gotta... Continue Reading →

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: GigWalk

So, I just started using this new app thanks to The Penny Hoarder called GigWalk. It is an app that allows you to earn extra money by "walking" to various retail stores and taking pictures of the advertising content displayed at the those stores. The "client" - I'm assuming is the agency responsible for the... Continue Reading →

Busted AF

I have to share this story with you. It's almost too amusing not to... So I had a job interview this past Wednesday after work. Normally, I would have been doing overtime at my current job, but I received an email from a law firm asking me to come in that same day. The young... Continue Reading →

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