Everyday I’m Surveyin’

But seriously, though.  I can't remember the last time I paid for something I wanted with my own hard earned money.  I spend money.  On groceries, my internet, my cell phone bill, rent - obviously.  But when it comes to the important-but-not-necessarily-life-sustaining-essentials, I am Amazon gift carding the hell out of those items.  And I... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Wild Horse Merlot

I was only supposed to be looking at an apartment.  Beautiful. Not as modern as I would like. Carpet flooring ...ech! But, two modest bedrooms, one bathroom, upstairs unit, kitchen balcony, kitchen comes with stove and dishwasher.  Apartment has space for washer and dryer in the unit.  Huge living room closet. Questionable. $1,500/mo.  Location: San... Continue Reading →

It’s Only Tuesday

I don't know what made my Tuesday more: the pair of shoes I thought I could break in today or coming home and finding "Wet Paint" signs and repainted walls and handrails all over my building that look no better than the art work of a 5 year old.  Which is insulting.  To the 5 year... Continue Reading →

Get-Away: Santa Catalina Island

I gotta say, I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that in all my 32 years, I have only recently visited Catalina Island for the first time.  Typically, there's an expense for getting away and I'm always rationalizing away the fact I cannot afford it because I am working/saving/plotting/planning/waiting for the right time.  Is there ever one?... Continue Reading →

75 Bright Ideas

Making Sense of Cents compounded a list of 75 gigs -- side hustles -- that anyone can do to earn some extra money. I gotta admit, I don't think I've seen a list this long in awhile.  I went through it three times just to see what activities I've attempted and was mildly impressed by... Continue Reading →

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