I’m a subscriber to the YouTube channel, The Financial Diet, as I’m always looking for great advice about saving money and earning extra money.  And one their segments talked about 12 Side Hustles that can be done from the comfort of your bed.  To be more practical, they probably should have said from their home, but same diff.  Anywho, they brought up about surveys.  Y’know, those online invitations to give up personal information for the sake of market research for promises of great rewards.

Well, I don’t know how great rewards always are but I can attest to the fact there are more legitimate surveys out there than I would I have guessed (allegedly).  I, myself, have been using a few paid surveys for a while now.  And when I said a while, I mean, for couple of years at least.  And although it’s suggested to use surveys that pay out cash to supplement your income, I’ve used mine to supplement my spending.

No, I don’t go and try to spend more because of this new found money, but I will spend it on the things I was already planning to buy: hygiene products, hair care, etc.  Oh! And on birthday gifts.  Seriously.  An Amazon gift card comes in so handy for birthday gifts.  A coworker invited me to her son’s birthday party in July and he’s obsessed with legos and the Titanic.  So I was able to find him a 1800-piece Titanic lego set for $32.  I had saved up some digital Amazon gift cards that came out to $30.  So, with taxes (no shipping because I’m a prime member) I came out pocket for $3-4.  Best gift I ever bought.


The two survey sites I’ve use continuously used without any problems or scam like activity have been:  PaidViewpoint and Spring Board America.  Now, both sites have a minimum of how much money you first must earn before you can cash out, but if you have the patience and a few minutes of time here and there, it’s well worth the short effort.

Sites I’m currently exploring as I amp my survey game:

  • SwagBucks
  • Ebates
  • MyPoints

I’ll keep at it and see if they’re any good and report back.

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