I gotta say, I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that in all my 32 years, I have only recently visited Catalina Island for the first time.  Typically, there’s an expense for getting away and I’m always rationalizing away the fact I cannot afford it because I am working/saving/plotting/planning/waiting for the right time.  Is there ever one?  No.  So this past Thursday my gentleman friend and I boarded the Catalina Express and headed west 26 miles.

Aside from the mild sea-sickness I knew I was going to feel, I truly enjoyed myself.  A lot of walking if you don’t rent one of those putt-putt golf cart vehicles.  Which we didn’t. So we walked most of the tourist part of the island.  We took a tour of the Casino, the Museum and a few neighborhood walks.  We were going to do the Hummer tour that covered the whole island, but we didn’t have enough time before our ferry boat would return back home.  And it was a good thing we got in line for boarding when we did (about 30 minutes for the suggested time).  The boat was packed on the way back home, unlike it was when we left at 6am.

It drizzled on and off that day and from those still in LA, apparently it had rained consistently through noon.  But the weather lightened up and the sun broke through for us, so I had no complaints.  I just loved taking a day in which there was no work, no clients, not hustle, not responsibility and just enjoy myself.  Something, I feel like I need to do more often that not.  Will I?  [Shrugs shoulders].   I will try, though.

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