“Please send me a quick email with the status of your October calendars.

Are they complete?

Have they been mailed/emailed?

How many are pending? Why?

When do you expect to be done?

Thanks! ,”


This is the kind of shit my supervisor will email to us (everyone in my department) that pisses me off.  You know how you’re so annoyed with what was just said or done that you just gotta laugh it off because if you react too fast, you wind up fired?  It’s like, what fresh bullshit is this?!  Did my supervisor really ask why weren’t we done with our October calendars after asking how many are pending?  For real?!  Because I’m working on other shit you put on my plate, that’s why THIS particular shit isn’t done yet.  ‘Cause I’m working.  On.  Something.  Else. 

Just laugh to keep from losing your job. 



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