One of my side gig clients is a Probate Realtor.   She and I met in June of this year and have been working together every since.  One of the things she told me she wanted to accomplish was a book that she had in mine from her experiences with working with families going through the Probate process and what she’s learned from attorneys, CPAs and court clerks.  Not a pretty process, to say the least.

Well, I’m excited to announce that her vision to write her book finally came to fruition (and I helped, as expected). Her book — after many revisions and cover artists — is available on Amazon.

I’ve the pleasure of reading it (and knowing something about Probate when my Nana died a little of a decade ago) and I will it’s very insightful and it’s an easy.  It’s almost like “Probate for Dummies” in that since it breaks it down in smaller bites of understanding what to expect and what to do when someone you love dies and they didn’t have a Living Trust.

Take a look if you don’t believe:


6x9-Book-Boxset-Small-Spine-Mockup-COVERVAULT 3

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