I cannot promise you your phone numbers will qualify.  All I can say is that I strongly suggest you check out the link below from Food & Wine online and see whether or not your phone number does qualify to be included in this Class Action Settlement.  If you read the details, the payout is anywhere between $300 and $900 (a few hundred dollars than you had a minute ago, right?)  However, the deadline is November 3rd.  That gives you about a month’s time to check to see if the number you have now or had once upon a time (for all you number changers out there) qualify to be included in this class actions settlement.


I don’t know when the settlement will close or how people can expect their payouts.  But never hurts to apply and find out.  After all, we’re all hustlin’ out here.  Claim every dime you can — save, invest and keep it movin’!

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