This single girl has been hustlin’, yes. So much so, I didn’t even have a sip of wine tonight! Blasphemy!

But my good and long time friend, Elle, sent me a photo of the bottle she was sippin’ on and I have no shame in posting what she’s drinkin’ without me.

But in all fairness, the only reason she’s without me — I’m without her — she’s in North Carolina. Kinda makes meeting for happy hour a little hard these days, we’re working on it.

But she moved out there to do her thing, as she’s another female hustlin’ her butt off to elevate herself to where she wants to me. Kuddos to her.

And she has the most adorable boutique shop. She’s currently changing inventory right now, so when she has some new pieces, I will definitely share that and how she got her start as a boutique owner and into fashion.

No road to success that I know of is straight and easy. I wish it was, though!

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