Want I Know Now: Saving

With all the jobs I had that paid “under the table”, I didn’t save a lick of any of it.  Not a single dime of it!  Which is weird, but in college, even as a part time employee, I had a 401K, two checking accounts with separate banks and a savings account.

I mean, I don’t know what I was thinking about than SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!  My dumb ass didn’t even bother to begin to pay back some of my student loan debt.  I just literally spent what I could when I could — which is weird-er, because so uncharacteristically like me now, or maybe, as a result of all that spending it has become unlike my character, I don’t know.  I just look back on those years and shake my head and wonder what must I have been thinking?

If I could do it again, oh, I would so be saving.  At least 50% of what I was earning, since at the time, I was living rent free with mom.  I could only imagine what my dream home fund what look like now if I was wiser back then