Wine Wednesday: A Sea of Emotions

I've got a lot on my mind right now that if I stopped and entertained just one emotion that's been running through me, I'd be a hot mess. Nothing, it feels, comes without a price. And I do my best to celebrate the small victories here and there. They help make the journey worrh bearing.... Continue Reading →

Foodie Friday: Penne Spaghetti

If you read my post from yesterday, I'm an obsessed advocate for eating and cooking at home.  I like to eat out too, but cooking at home is so cost effective! And delicious.  And never let it be said with any sort of conviction that single gals don't cook!  Oh, yes we do!  If we're... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Having A Tribe

I love the idea of having a bunch of people I run to for support -- if I got questions, need help, just wanna vent, need an introduction -- whatever it may be.  But for the time being, my tribe is me and my girl Elle.  We've been friends since high school, but we've been... Continue Reading →

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