I’ve been on a hiatus like no other, I know.   But, hopefully a good one.   I mean, I’ve been working my ass off offline these past couple of months and looking for to what 2018 will make of it.

I took another a short term client that needed a press release which turned in a monstrous feat in itself.  The work was easy, the client wasn’t — it was like walking on hot coals for 12 miles.  Every time I made a change he requested, he asked me why I made the change…  Needless, to say I was overjoyed to get that work up off my plate.

Been job hunting, updating my resume, finishing up work with ongoing work with long term clients before the holidays, writing a business plan for my loan signing business I’ll be launching later this month, virtually collaborating with a long time friend who’s currently in Raleigh, NC.  In a nutshell, I’ve been busy.  And excited.  I love the beginning of the year.  There is so much hope and determination, it’s infectious.

But I don’t do resolutions.  I don’t.

I do commitments.  And I have few professional ones I plan to tackle this year to position me to be more successful in my endeavors than I have ever been before.  And I look forward to sharing those experiences — whatever they may be — all year long!


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