Women's March Sign

I should be Downtown with all you ladies — and men — making our voices heard about what equally means to us.  And although we have come all way from housewife by control to breadwinner by choice, there are still many more glass ceilings and limits we need to break through.  But I am sitting at a coffee shop with a friend whom I promise I would help her with her scholarship essay for her graduate studies in School Psychology.  It is a promise I made to another female (who also has a hustle with a second job as s tutor.  Yeah, she works full time, has a part time tutoring job and is taking graduate courses). This is the way I will be making my voice heard today.  So, even though I can’t be among the thousands of beautiful women who will be telling the administration, the country and the world how we feel about our rights and those who think they have right to silence our rights, I hope those in attendance at the Women’s March open up deaf ears today.

Oh, the photo above was too priceless not to publish!  Get it, gurls!

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