I’ve got a lot on my mind right now that if I stopped and entertained just one emotion that’s been running through me, I’d be a hot mess.

Nothing, it feels, comes without a price. And I do my best to celebrate the small victories here and there. They help make the journey worrh bearing. But then I’m brought down to earth again it hurts. Reminded of the intracies of relationships, family, mental health and all the stuff that latches on to the dark side of small wins.

How can I be happy for progress I am making when someone I love and care about is motionless. Unable to move because they believe there’s nowhere for them to go. Unwilling to try becauae they believe there is no point. They don’t eveb fight because they know they’ve lost.

I’m rambling, I know. And it ain’t even the Naked Grape Pinot Noir I’m drinking on either. I’m a sea of emotions right now hoping the storm calms down.

Thanks for just listening.

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