Side Hustle Sunday: Consumer Finance Survey

To my wonderful side hustlers at there, here’s another survey that I came across in my inbox.  I filled out the survey myself, in case you’re wondering.  Hell, they’re offering $150 to talk about finance consumer products and I’m all about the money.

Murray Hill National, a national market research firm, is looking for respondents to participate in a paid research study regarding


To prequalify for this research please click on the link below or copy and paste the link in your internet browser:


We are looking for several hundred participants all over the US.   Please forward the link below to your friends, family and work peers

To My Ladies at the Women’s March

Women's March Sign

I should be Downtown with all you ladies — and men — making our voices heard about what equally means to us.  And although we have come all way from housewife by control to breadwinner by choice, there are still many more glass ceilings and limits we need to break through.  But I am sitting at a coffee shop with a friend whom I promise I would help her with her scholarship essay for her graduate studies in School Psychology.  It is a promise I made to another female (who also has a hustle with a second job as s tutor.  Yeah, she works full time, has a part time tutoring job and is taking graduate courses). This is the way I will be making my voice heard today.  So, even though I can’t be among the thousands of beautiful women who will be telling the administration, the country and the world how we feel about our rights and those who think they have right to silence our rights, I hope those in attendance at the Women’s March open up deaf ears today.

Oh, the photo above was too priceless not to publish!  Get it, gurls!

Thursday’s Thoughts: Why Aren’t There More Hustlers in My Circle?

I’ve known for a very long time that I’ve wanted to work for myself.  I don’t have the resources I feel I need to make the transition to be completely free of the rat race, but freelancing on the side of my full time job has given me that taste of freedom and hope that I’ll get there one day.  But, I don’t seem to be surrounded by others who share my desire.  No, not for the spacious loft downtown with the ceiling to floor windows (still dreaming about that.  I’m talking about being their own boss, working from home.  Working for themselves!  I can go to events and workshops and networking groups and find like minded people there, but outside of that, I know only a handful of people who share that same passion to break up with W-4s come hell or high water, knowing there’s so much hell and so much high water (reminds me of a great “Scandal” line from Eli Pope. Love that character!).

Where are my people because I obviously don’t work with them.  Not many are in my family and I can probably think of three friends who are pursuing self employment as an alternative to a time clock.  Where are these people I read about in Fast Company and Entrepreneur magazines who took a chance on themselves and it worked out?  It is because they took a chance and failed?  But how many times did they fail?  Les Brown says you got to fail your way to success, so what’s the problem here?  Is it that no one else wants this?  How can that be?  How can someone want to work for someone else for the rest of their lives?  It can’t be all fear.  I’ve been rejected so many times I wouldn’t know how to take it the wrong way anymore.  A ‘no’ is great start for communication in my book.  It means I now who I’m talking to on the other end of that funky ass Craigslist email address.  And let’s not even begin to count my failures, if want to look at them like that.

Why don’t I know more people… I don’t know what to say like me, but it’s the truth.  I can’t be the only one waking up at 4:45am only to repost free ads to make sure today’s looky loos gets a chance to see my services.  I can’t be the only one spending money on GoDaddy buying domain names I might one day use.  Or creating then editing  several times my editorial calendar for this blog.  Researching card stock for business cards.  Meeting clients on Saturday night outside of Whole Foods on 8th and Grand.  Little things to move the needle to get close to the dream.

One female, single and hustlin’ looking for other hustlers who are moving the needle little by little to get closer to their dreams.  I’ll be here waiting– but working! 🙂

Wine Wednesday: Vision Board

Vision Board

Finally finished! Doesn’t it look nice?  It’s my vision board.  I made it a goal to complete one of these before 2018 got away from and I’m so happy I did.  I started one of these years ago and never got around to finishing it.  I think the reason I didn’t finish my first one was mostly because I thought I had to find pictures and images that looked exactly what I saw in my head.  Impossible, half the time.  So, it was no wonder it never got finished.  I could never find exactly what I saw in my head in magazines or online.  But once I realized that the images placed on a vision board are supposed to be a representation of what I wanted, rather than an identical picture, putting this together become a breeze.

I plan to make three more of these, with more focused themes.

Plus, a number of articles state how powerful a vision board can be for manifesting the things you want from your life.  It’s not a “to-do” list, but a very powerful way of connecting our subconscious minds with our conscious efforts and actions.  Goals, ambitions, desires, whatever it may be.  Many have said it worked for them.  And this single and hustlin’ female is more than willing to see if all those claims are true.

Has anyone else created a vision board in which something from it manifested and become real in your life?  Please let me know!


(For those of you who notice the bottle of Merlot to the left side of the picture… you’re a person after my own heart.  Bay Bridge’s Merlot.  Consider this Foodless’ two buck chuck.  Literally! $2.79.  Got me a few bottles because I could and I wanted them.  And it’s bad for a Merlot in the middle of the week in the new year.  Just sayin’)

His Dream, My Reality: Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

If I could thank the man who had a plan to show the world his dream

I’d kneel before that man we adore and tell him what his dream has seen.

His non-violent fights for my civil rights has opened so many doors

I could not imagine, what it must’ve been for someone wanting more.

On the front lines, during those times was not for the faint of heart

His stand against injustice, equality for all of us, he had to be at the start.

It was a bigger mission that his dream-like vision would include people like me

A citizen at birth, marked with little worth would still be treated equally.

Don’t get wrong, there’s more work to be done, as race is undying issue.

The battle he won, the fight we carry on, in his memory we continue.

We thank Dr, King, for everything, for paying with his life, a cost.

Because of his sacrifice, an ultimate price, the fight has not been lost.

– ML Morgan

A Saturday Night For Me

It’s Saturday night and the bars are filling up with sport fans, casual friends and those looking for a good happy hour.  And where am I? Outside of Verse on 8th and Grand waiting for a notary client that found my ad on Craigslist.

Upside? A paying client with travel fees.

No? That’s the highlight if my Saturday. No hot date or bar hopping with friends.  

Just another dollar earned… And that’s actually something to smile about.

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Murray Hill National

For those of you who are down with surveys, focus groups and market research studies, I have a link here for Murray Hill National.  Now, I will say I don’t know entirely how reputable they are since I’ve never been selected.  I’m not entirely a qualify-able candidate, but that doesn’t mean someone else isn’t.

Because anything you can make money from either sitting your butt or doing next to nothin’, I am so gamed.  And if anyone is selected to participate in Murray Hill’s surveys before I ever am, let me know what you thought about it.

Good luck!

TGIF… Like, For Real

It was only four days this week and it still felt long AF.  I mean, damn, what does a girl have to do to get a break? 

It’s too early for bed, but don’t be fooled, I could knock out right… now. So tempted.  But, I have work to do.  My work, as I will be launching another income stream next week.  Then later sharing those birthing joys of starting with an idea and making it a reality

Anybody else happy as hell it’s Friday night and not because you’re headed to the club?  Make your way to your bar cart or wine rack and stay in like a boss!

Commitment #1 This Year: Read More

I think I read three and half books last year.  Yeah, I’m still working on the other half.  And although that’s more books than most of the people I know have read — that just means I need to find some more readin’ folks in my life — it wasn’t enough to make any changes to my overall well being, professional development or personal understanding.  Les Brown, a motivation speaker, says, if you want to become an expert in your career (and build wealth), you can do so by reading more.  How much more?  He suggest reading one book a month (21:50 min. mark).

I would love to do that.  But — I’m going to aim a little lower.  I’m going to read one book every two months.  It’ll double where I was last year and will hopefully provide me with more resources to grow the projects I’m working on.  I know, I probably should aim for one book a month, but in all seriousness, books cost money and take up space.  And I don’t like to borrow from the library because you can’t highlight or underline anything; the book isn’t yours and they rarely have what I’m looking for so I have to wait to till request it from another Branch.  Buying my books has been a better bet for me.   Plus, I like to hold onto my books and reread them later.Little Red Sales Book

So, I’m going to try to read six books this year, starting off with Jeffrey Gitomer’“Little Red Book of Selling”.  I’m not in sales, but really I am.  I think we all.  Whether we’re pounding the pavement sending out our resume or asking for a raise or pitching to a freelance client, we’re selling, if nothing else, ourselves.  What better way to learn how to better sell ourselves to read and study it?

Now I do have four new (new to me) books that I’ve carefully selected and ordered for this commitment I knew I wanted to take on this year.  So, I amped up about it.  Gitomer’s book looks like an easy read, so there’s a very good chance I will be done with it in a month’s time.

Wish me luck!




Side Note: Books do cost money, but I’ve been buying all books from because they offer heavily discounted books that have been previously used/read and most of the time, you can’t tell if the have been used before.  If you’re interested, feel free to use my referral code:

The link above offers a 15% discount on already discounted books and if spend $10 or more, free shipping (some of my favorite words!)