Money Tip: Advertise for Free

Both rookies and veterans in the throes of side hustlin' and freelancing can benefit from advertise their services or products for free.  Seriously. Yes, I've heard it say before -- several times -- 'in order to make money, you've got to spend money'. But if you ain't got no money to spend, then... um, how... Continue Reading →

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Mock Juror

I stumbled upon this side hustlin' opportunity on The Penny Hoarder.  If you haven't subscribed to them yet, I recommend that you do.  I'm a subscriber and I read their newsletters religiously.  Now, everything in it may not apply to me... and that's okay.  I still read it, tho'. And when I found this treasure... Continue Reading →

Food Fridays: Country-Fried Potatoes

Since we're talking about breakfast of champions... this is probably not one of them [laughs], but it's delicious nonetheless. I like to indulge on the weekends, especially if I'm not out running errands or meeting up with clients.  It's nice to treat myself.  And what breakfast is simpler than two main ingredients?  A russet potato... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: Mentor & Me

I don't know if he'd call himself my mentor, but I definitely would.  Whether I've ran with his wise advice or not.  Mostly not, for the same reasons most people don't attempt to venture into anything for themselves: fear.  And I haven't talked to him in years.  Years!  He's been dealing with some family issues. ... Continue Reading →

Money Tip: Keep Hunting

Happy President's Day... to all those lucky souls who have this day off.   Not me and my coworkers. Or a few friends of mine. But since we're talkin' dead presidents, let's talk about how keep more of them in our wallet. One money mistake that people make and I know I've made is they stop... Continue Reading →

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