Just got off the phone with a heavily medicated co-worker of mine who is on medical leave.  She had an emergency hysterectomy recently and is currently recuperating on what sound like a fantastic voyage.

Anywhoo, in the midst of her slightly slurred ramblings, she talked about environments and how we do more harm to ourselves by staying in toxic places and in elements that do not serve us because of priorities we’ve been told we need to take care of.  And it’s true.  I fall for this myself on a regular basis.   I work at a job I do not like so I can pay the rent.  So I can pay the phone bill.  The car insurance.  Renter’s insurance (yes, I may have a little studio apartment, but it is covered!).  The internet bill, which I think is way out of hand for 10/Mbs.  Food because, well, food is life.  And I like being alive.  My tap card (some of you may be thinking why am I paying for car insurance if I’m also taking the bus.  I’ll revisit this matter in the future).  And a host of other expenses that keep popping up.  And I am giving away my time to an organization and people I could care less about.  Wouldn’t even spit on if they were on fire.  Okay, that’s harsh.  But not far from the truth.

So why AM I in an element that I am allowing to under serve me?  That doesn’t deserve me?

For now, I like to think for the same reason as my other hustlers are.  To get to the next level.  Everyone told me starting my own business would be hard.  Hell, I was warned about freelancing.  But I’m doing it and have been doing it.  The fear of relying on myself and putting myself out there doesn’t frighten me.  But it’s also not enough.  It doesn’t cover all the costs of my humble lifestyle, but it does make traction.  It keeps me motivated and reminds me why I even bother to dream.

Yeah, I may work at a job I don’t like.  I may hold a bachelor’s degree, a couple of certificates and a professional license.  I may be well under paid and overworked.  But this job is NOT my end.  It’s my means.  And the clock is ticking.  This is just one element I’m in to use as a stepping stone to get to where I want to be.

Aren’t we all trying to get an inch closer every day to our dreams?

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