Let me share some a side hustle I used to or still do create that income stream.

One of the most lucrative side hustles I’ve had is as  Social Media Manager.  Seriously.  And don’t be surprise if you find this on other blogs or YouTube channels, because it’s true.  My generation created social media so it made the most sense that I jump on board and use it generate income.  I mean, I was there when MySpace was popular.  Tom was my friend.  I was there when Facebook was only open to college students.  Needless to say, I had early knowledge of said platforms to help local businesses out.

With that being said, it’s actually hard to market to local businesses in general as a social media manager.  If you don’t have some sort of background in retail, automotive, plumbing, wholesale or whatever it is the client is selling or doing themselves, then all that social media glamour kind of goes out the window for them.  Not that you can’t win them over, but you’re going to have to prove who have the chops to take on their challenge.  It’s best to find a niche.  My niche was real estate.

I had worked as junior loan processor.  I worked for small business real estate company that had out of state tenants and clients.   And I even worked for a husband and wife real estate agent team.  I had the means to backup my limited in experience with future clients in real estate.  Such as a probate realtor who now has over 1,500 likes/ followers on her Facebook page because of me (#winning).  And the best part, I worked from home.  I only met up with clients to collect payments and review statistics – give them a report on what was working and what needed to be change.  It was great.  And it can be great for you too.

Just remember:

  1. Have a niche!  Specialize in area. Specialization brings in more money.
  2. Be honest with the expectations and timeline.  They are not going to see celebrity like status over night or even in a month’s time.
  3. Ask your client what the goal of their social media game plan is; exposure, leads etc.
  4. Be clear what the payment schedule is and makes sure to collect at least half of upfront – nothing should move without money
  5. Create an editorial calendar for them so they have an idea of what you’re doing.
  6. Answer all their questions as immediately as possible so they feel assured with your work and investment.  Be thorough in your answers


Much success!

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