Salmon is probably one of the most popular fish eaten today.  With all the rage about omega threes and those wonderful little salmon sushi rolls, who can resist having a bit of salmon here and there? That, and I said I would eliminate red meat out of my diet.

With the exception of an In-N-Out double double, animal style burger.  Hmmm! Some things even the good Lord wouldn’t make you give up.  Just sayin’.

Anywhoo, below is my take on a nice salmon meal.  I will say that I am really sad that I wasn’t able to better present my salmon the plate.  I didn’t want to dirty up another utensil, so rather than grabbing a spatula, which I probably should have done, I just spooned out my salmon like the single gal that I am.

Salmon, Rice, Green Beans

My brown sugar glaze is just three ingredients:  brown sugar (duh), mustard, and chopped garlic.

I seasoned my salmon lightly with black pepper, sage, pink salt and oregano.  And a little butter on top.  Normally, rosemary and lemon are salmon’s go-tos, but I was going for something different. Cooked it on 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

Before I prepared that, I made green beans (from a can, $0.69), and four cheese flavored rice from Rice-a-Roni (one box, $1).  Green beans season with onion, black pepper, garlic, pink salt and butter.  The Rice-a-Roni — just follow the instructions.

And the best part is I have enough for leftovers for tomorrow.  Because this single hustlin’ female is all about saving the dollar-dollar bills!


Oh, speaking of money, did anyone else get their state refund?  You should have if you filed your taxes on Monday, January 29th.  If have not, get on it.  We can have that whole discussion about no return versus overpaying later.  Just file now!

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