My mom whole -heartedly supports my freelance and hustlin’ ventures.  She believes just as much as I do I that I will turn all this work and energy and effort I’ve been putting into my hustles and side work into a formidable an profitable business.  And I love having that from her.  I love having her in my corner.  But that’s not who she is.  I didn’t get the entrepreneurial spirit from mother.

I didn’t get from my dad either, but, I wish I could say I got from my mama.  But, no.  For a very long time, my mom just wanted me to get  a really good job with really good benefits.  That was all.  There was no more to the story.  Yeah, marry good guy, give her some grandchildren.  But all in all, she wanted me to find something comfortable to do that I could do for however long I would need to and be … content, I guess, with it.  And I think a lot of parents think like that.  They still think that jobs are safe and that by working for someone else that paid well would be all the security one would need in the workforce.

Not so.

Listen, I graduated college during the Great Recession.  I learned no job is safe.  No job is a sure thing.  Benefits come and go, and no job from someone else is going to be as fulfilling as working for yourself.  In my book, at least.

There were a few times I can recall my mom being interested in starting a business for herself.  I remember one time she was going to venture into something with her siblings — a restaurant — that never panned out.   And there was something else she was going to start with a long time friend of hers who she later had a falling out with.  So, it just wasn’t her bag.  Plus, she has two kids, one now in college (my baby sister) and starting a business just seems like too much work, I imagine, for her.  Well, that’s how I think she sees it.  And she’s not wrong.  I’ve been freelancing for a very long time and it’s always work.

But my hopes and my ambitions — she fully supports and even gives me ideas.  She lives vicariously through me which makes me want to succeed all the more.  I do have a few relatives that opted out workin’ for the man:

  • My Uncle Fred — owns his own electronics repair business, works from home
  • My Nana has a seasonal business preparing taxes, also works from home
  • My grandpa, may he rest in peace, had a restaurant business that did very well earlier on in his life
  • My second cousin, Darin, has an antique store in Gardena.  (The Americana Antique Store)

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