Happy President’s Day… to all those lucky souls who have this day off.   Not me and my coworkers.

Or a few friends of mine.

But since we’re talkin’ dead presidents, let’s talk about how keep more of them in our wallet.

One money mistake that people make and I know I’ve made is they stop the job hunt once they’ve been made an offer an employment.  Now, I get it.  Sometimes we’ve been unemployed for a minute — maybe longer than a minute — when we’ve nailed the interview and we’re offered the job, we’re not wasting any time signing on the dotted line.   Even so, that doesn’t mean we need to stop looking for ideal prospects.  I cannot begin to tell how many times I’ve heard of someone getting a job (at the company I work at now) or to later decline when they were due to come on board because something they were waiting for came through.

Money Tips

We need to be like those people.  Keeping on the job hunt.  With no F’s given.  Seriously.

When you’re looking out for you and yours, you don’t care about the other party and their interests.  You can this ruthless if you want, sure.  But those people who went through the who process of coming on board one company only to decline the offer when an opportunity they really wanted came along, I bet you are happier at the job they really wanted than the one they they accept because it was there.  They are happier, probably make more money and have a better working culture/ environment.

You don’t need to be loyal to a company you just started.  You need to be loyal to you.

I know this sounds a little off for a money tip, but who we work for drives our income.  Our money.  And making better choices as to who we work will improve our income and our income growth.  Y’know, while we work on that side hustle.

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