I don’t know if he’d call himself my mentor, but I definitely would.  Whether I’ve ran with his wise advice or not.  Mostly not, for the same reasons most people don’t attempt to venture into anything for themselves: fear.  And I haven’t talked to him in years.  Years!  He’s been dealing with some family issues.  I found out his mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s not too long ago.  And to prevent any of his relatives from dumping her in a home and forgetting about her, he closed up shop in Texas and headed back home to Indiana. And he’s been there for at least the past two years.  Taking care of moms.

And we had a wonderful time of catching up — well long overdue — last week and into this week.  And I realized how much I missed talking to him.  No, it was never sexual.  More like parental.  He’s always said he saw a lot of himself in me, even since I was 17.  My desire for success and to be good enough, according to him, has never waived (which is nice to hear).  And there’s no better advice I can get from a fellow hustler, a business owner in his own right.

As we chatted and caught up, he reminded me that there are going to be lots of things I may have to endure in order to get on other side of the mountain where I want to be.  Yes, I may have to work for someone else a little longer, because it takes care of the necessities — bills, rent, food, savings, etc. And yes, I may have longer working days than my counterparts, because aside from the work I do for an employer, I then turn around and work for myself.  And yes, I may have to continue to make some sacrifices to ensure the future I want.  I’ve missed births, weddings, big birthday bashes and just ol’ regular get-togethers.  All this is to be expected.   All this I know.  But there was one thing he did say that perked me up about my efforts so far.  He truly believes with all that I am doing, I am truly on at the precipice of greatness.  If I can just bear continuing my hard work and efforts a little longer, I will begin to see the fruits of my labor.  And that I need to slow down the deadlines of my expectations.  He says I have very high standards (well, duh!) and with high standards comes longer waiting period for success.   If it didn’t take much to make be happy and feel successful, I would’ve hit that marker a long time ago.  But wanting more — to be more, to do more, to have more, to live more — requires more time to achieve it.

So, I’m gonna hold on to that.  Hold onto the belief that my time is coming because I am putting in the time and energy to go after what I want.  And in honor of the wonderful phone reunion I had with my mentor, I decided to enjoy Marsala Sweet.

Marsala Sweet

It’s a brandy wine (that’s what it taste likes).  Wine infused with Brandy.  Very dangerous – very good!  18% alcohol by volume.  I know wines can get you buzzed and on rare occasions, get you F’ed up.  But this bottle is that occasion all on its own.  But I didn’t have it all.  After all, I’m a 33 year old woman.  I have responsibilities.  I got work in the morning!  But it’s sooo good.  And I got it from Trader Joe’s, which is to say, I got one hell of a deal for it.

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