Veggie Lasanga

This past Tuesday — well, I prepared it Monday, then baked it Tuesday — decided to make my very own vegetarian lasagna.  From scratch-ish. I didn’t make the noodles, but I did make the white sauce.

And I must say … mmmm-mmm-mmm!  I mean, if I don’t toot my own horn, who is, right?

I took 6 lasagna noodles, broke them and half and boiled.  Poured a little olive oil in the water while it boiled.  One squash, one zucchini, 1/3 of broccoli stalk, two carrots and one bundle of spinach lightly sauteed with onion, garlic powder, black pepper, pink salt and a little oregano.   I actually let all my veggie sit (marinade) in the seasoning overnight in the fridge.

My white sauce is grated parmesan cheese, flour and skim milk boiled and stir on medium-high heat and poured on each layer as I stacked my lasagna.

And, yes, it was delicious!  And inexpensive.  Servings, between 6-8, depending on how hungry a girl is.

*I know lasagna isn’t typically round, but my skillet was the only deepest and biggest dish for my lasagna.





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