I’ve heard about these opportunities last year through The Penny Hoarder but never found one to be fruitful. I mean, I signed up and everything but never heard back from the organization or anything. Nothing. Well, yesterday I get this big envelope in the mail from Survey Savvy – one of my paid survey sites I use regularly that pays out cash — to participate in another opportunity: giving them my junk mail. Yep. Junk mail. The kind of stuff I would typically recycle at the post office or throw into the shredder at my office.

Now, they did send me a letter explaining what I have to do and how often. This project only covers the month of March, but I have deadlines I have to hit. They sent four postage paid envelopes so all I really have to do is throw my junk mail in it and toss it in the mail.

Wonderfully simple.

Oh, and they do send a notice wih the instructions that they don’t sell your information. So there’s no need of worrying about being on dozens of unwanted marketing call lists.

The payout for this project: $10. Hey, that’s $10 more than I had for doing next to doing. I never look down on extra money I can earn.

I don’t know how I got selected for this project or if it was a blanketed tactic. But if you’re interested in seeing if you can be part of the next one, visit my From: Me, To: You page. I have referral link in which you can join.

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