Just quick reminder, mom is staying with me for the time being while things get better for her and it has resulted into a few low-key perks I haven’t had since I was a child:

  • Dishes being done when I get home, evem if she isn’t home yet
  • Bed being made – although my mom would probably steer clear of my bed if she knew all it had seen
  • Floors being swept
  • And a home cooked meal!!!

Now you already know how I feel about cooking at home and I got it from the woman who prepared this bountiful plate above. Forgive me, I cannot go into great detail how she prepared her food, but let me tell you… Hmmm! It was finger lickin’ good! And I rarely eat red meat.

Sorry. In my book, pork is still very much red meat. And although it’s hardly on my menu, I enjoyed every bite.

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