Have you ever figured out how to replaced a broken computer screen?

Or recovered lost “files on a computer?  What about cleaning someone’s digital files so their computer runs faster and at a better performance?   Have you ever helped someone who was completely new to email set up an account?

Probably, if you though long and hard about it.  You have some skill or knowledge that someone else out there is willing to pay you for.  Capitalize on it.  No, seriously.   I have a client (he’s really the client of another client and they referred him to me because what he needed was more time consuming than they had imagined) and I help him with some on the the most basic stuff many of us could do in our sleep.  But not to him.  To him, the tasks he’s asked of me are challenging to him.  Very challenging, that he’s admitted that when he had asked other people to help him, thy became instantly frustrated with him.  Grant, I could see why, but I do my very best not to go there with and instead him what he needs.  Support and instruction.  And the best part, I set my own price and charge him more then the client who referred him to me in the first place.

I’ve taken the things I know well enough to do that I could explain it to someone else and turned it into a gig.  With a returning client.  And let’s be honest with ourselves, people only come back to work with you if they like you.    Why?  Because people want to work with or do business with people they like or who are like them.

ANd it’s easy to be liked when you’re handy.

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