I often questioned my efforts, wondering am I really doing all I can be doing to get to where I want to be. I can drive myself crazy with the questions, but not knowing the answers is just as bad.

Am I studying my interests enough?

Could I be reading more, taking more classes, going to more seminars and workshops?

Am I as dedicated as I preach to be?

How to can become more disciplined?

Is being too disciplined a problem?

Do I have the right amount of people in my life to act as sounding boards?

How can I find other like minded people to congregate with?

Can I do this alone?

Should I do this alone?

If no man is an island, can a woman be?

When will my preparation finally meet my opportunity?

Will I know it?

Do I need to be more for any opportunity that comes my way?

Am I doing enough?

How many others have felt this way as well?

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