Discount Notary Day – March 17th

Sorry for the late notice, but it just dawned on me that I should probably share this:

Today only, Saturday March 17th from 9am-1pm, you can find me at the Starbucks at 1601 Wilshire Blvd. offering discounted notary services.  Notarizations are normally $15 per signature.  Get them for $10 today.  At 1:01pm, I’ll  be gone.

Discount Notary Saturdays.


Look forward to see you soon!

Thursday’s Thoughts: Who’s In Your Backyard

Notary in their own backyard

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine’s aunt reach out to me and asked to me notarized a deed trust package for her church — her church owns a school and are selling it — and of course, I said yes.  Then I asked her for the address as she wanted me to meet them at the church, since that’s where they had the paperwork waiting at.  So I Googled the address as I recalled only visiting the church once with my friend who was hosting a model call (at the time my friend operated a digital fashion/lifestyle magazine) back then.  When I looked at the area to familiarize myself with it, I noticed someone’s Notary business indicated on the map.   With a website.  So I did what any curious competitor would do.  Clicked on it and read on all their sh*t.  I felt I needed to.  I wanted to see how I stacked up against someone already in the biz doing it longer.

For starters, I was surprise to see that the notary charged $25 for the first 8 miles from their location.  DAMN!  I don’t know, I think that’s a lot of money to charge for going 8 miles in LA.  But I read on.  Similar to my “Discount Notary Days“, he had a list of Starbucks locations he would travel to provide notary services.  And if you wanted to meet him there on the weekend, he’d knock off $5 of the travel fee.  Dude, for real?  Yes.  He was seriously charging people to meet him at Starbucks.  $20!  You could at least get for over-priced coffees for that.  Just sayin’.  But I loved learning how he priced everything and made it very transparent for the customer.

So I arrived at the church, spent about 30 minutes notarizing the package.  It turns out that my friend’s aunt was the church’s secretary, so she was present there to sign off on whatever needed to be signed on behalf of the church along with another member.  After I was paid and we packed up, she walked me out and we briefly talked and I promise to touch base more frequently.  Well, as soon as I turned the corner, I saw this notary business sign on someone’s lawn across the street from the church.  And no, it wasn’t the $25 travel fee dude.  It was another person.  Two notaries within their distance and I get the job.  Loved it!  But of course, it was networked.  My mother always keeps telling me, it’s not what I know, but who I know and who knows me.

Then it dawned on me.  How many notaries must there be on my block, in my neighborhood?  How much business am I potentially losing out on because someone else is there and I don’t even know it?  Well, technically, I Googled it and no one came up.  No one or no business in a 5 block radius, at least.  But who may quietly be there?  Hmm?  What competitor is in my own backyard that I may not know about?  So it got me thinking about how creative I need to be to put myself out there, to get people’s attention and to earn their business.  I don’t know what that is yet, but I’ll figure it out.  After all, you never who may be in your own backyard doing what you’re doing too!

Wine Wednesday: Carménère

I can’t believe we’re racing through March as fast as we are. In two and half weeks we’ll be done with the first quarter of 2018. Wow.


I’m just reflecting on everything going on in my life right now and — I don’t what to say. Already there have been some highs, some obvious lows and everything in the middle. As I look over these past soon-to-be few months, I’m trying to gauge where I want to be in the next three months and where I want the rest of the year to take me. One of my dearest friends and I talk often about our progress, our pitfalls, our stalemates and it’s interesting how people with similar ambitions but different journies can experience the same trials. Crazy, really.

But I’m going to be optimistic. Don’t know if being anything else would be worth the time or benefit. Plus, I’ve gotten this far thinking I can make something out of myself. Why stop believing.

And while take this time to plan, I’m going to take this glass of Carménère I bought at Trader’s Joe and enjoy every drop. This reminds of blend between a Malbec and a Cabernet Sauvignon. I like it. A lot. When chilled, has a smooth and fine finish in my book.

Hope you the this evening as well.

Money Tip: Quality VS. Quantity

This is one of the best money tips that I could steal and share. This is not an original idea of my own, although I’ve heard it shared by many other reputable sources and practice it as often as I can. Simply put, always choose quality.

If we spend a little more money on quality items we regularly use, we’ll spend less money replacing them when they do become worn out, which equates to more money saved in the long run. Best example: clothes.

It seems like fast fashion is everywhere now. Cute trendy clothes for pennies on the dollars made cheaply and quickly. So let’s say we buy a new top every three months because it’s only $5.99. But because it’s only $5.99, it’s not made with the best materials, so after a few washes and wears, it’s already ready for retirement. So, every 3 months, we’re replacing this particular top. That comes out to $23.96 plus tax every year.

Tax in L.A. is 9.25%, as an FYI.

Or you can buy a really nice top between $25-$30 that you may have to replace every 3 or 4 years. Which means in the four years we would’ve kept that really nice top, we’ve spent 3 times as much on really cheap tops. So, not only is the quality inferior, we wasted more money on it.

I may not be wealthy, but I know that’s not how we get there.

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Licenses and Certificates

I never thought I’d be the type of person who would chase after certifications and licenses as a way to earn extra money outside of my 9-5. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the more education someone has and the higher their degree goes, the better positioned they are for negotiating their desired salary. Like, a ‘duh!’

But how many people would a course or two or however many were needed to get a license or a certification to earn extra money? Which, I guess could be argued as being the same as earning ‘more money’. But I’m not talking about earning ‘more money’ as a W-2 holder, but rather as a freelancer. An independent contractor. Dammit, a hustler.

Who here is willing to spend the time and money on themselves for themselves, not for an employer? Not to look good to another employer, or look more appealing to your current employer or because an employer asked/commanded of you. Just for you to add to you wealth toolbelt.

I have a notary commission/license. Earned it last year. Been putting it to work and earning back the 18 hours of training that went into it and the $306 investment I made for it. I’ve reaching out and networking, putting myself out there on a daily basis. Because my success matters to me.

How many people are ready to stop being C students and are ready to go for As and A+s in their own professional journies?

Foodie Fridays: Mom’s Pork Chops

Just quick reminder, mom is staying with me for the time being while things get better for her and it has resulted into a few low-key perks I haven’t had since I was a child:

  • Dishes being done when I get home, evem if she isn’t home yet
  • Bed being made – although my mom would probably steer clear of my bed if she knew all it had seen
  • Floors being swept
  • And a home cooked meal!!!

Now you already know how I feel about cooking at home and I got it from the woman who prepared this bountiful plate above. Forgive me, I cannot go into great detail how she prepared her food, but let me tell you… Hmmm! It was finger lickin’ good! And I rarely eat red meat.

Sorry. In my book, pork is still very much red meat. And although it’s hardly on my menu, I enjoyed every bite.

Wine Wednesday: Mom & Me… and a little Redwood Creek Pinot Noir

It’s day seven.  I’m not counting, but I am.  Only because I’m worried that the mood and atmosphere will change.  It’s been fine so far, but for how long?  And how long can we stay like this even though the situation is temporary?

What am I talking about?  My mom moved in me.

She’s currently in between jobs, actively looking.  Been looking for over 6 months now.  Didn’t want to continue to throw money at her apartment that she wasn’t too sure she’d be able to keep anyways, so she packed up all her stuff, threw it into storage, gave what she could away and moved in with me.  In my 500 square foot studio apartment.  It was either that or let her live in her car until… who knows?  A decision I could not live with.

I don’t know how long this arrangement will be, but it’s a small sacrifice to help someone I love out.

So, it’s me and a glass of Redwood Creek Pinot Noir.  Some cheddar cheese off the block to set the mood.   It’s pretty good, better slightly chilled.   It’s day seven and mom and me are still chill in tight quarters.  I hope we can continue this for however long it’ll be.  [Clinks glass]  Today it’s not just about me.

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir

Money Tip: Challenge & Reward

Money Tips

Give yourself a financial challenge to aim for a period time, then reward yourself if you hit the mark.  For instance, if you typically eat out often (I’ve been guilty of this before), challenge yourself to go one month without eating out.  No take out, no delivery, no dine in, nada.  Cook and eat at home.  Too hard? Try two weeks, then.  Go two weeks without spending any money on eating out and if you’re successful in that time, reward yourself.  Hey, if that worked better than you expected, maybe you can go one month.  Who knows?

Your reward? Calculate how much money you would have spent over those two weeks and put it into your savings account.  Boring?  Okay, then.  Buy yourself a piece of clothing.  A professional piece of clothing.  Something you can meet a prospect client in and they wouldn’t mind meeting you again.  Or, use that dinner change to take a course at a local junior college.  Expand your knowledge and skill set.  Make yourself more marketable.

The idea behind this challenge is to stop wasting it where we don’t see any returns on our money and start saving and investing it.  What did I say Sophia Amoruso said?  Money looks better —where?-– in our bank accounts.  Definitely not on our plates.