Discount Notary Day #4: Wilshire & Highland

Good morning, Good morning, GOOD MORNING.

Discount Notary Day #4 for me and I am at the Starbucks at Wilshire and Highland (yes, there is parking) comfortable poised and positioned facing the entrance.  Look for single and hustlin’ female with a long sleeve blue with the words “Notary Public” on the back of her laptop (working on other stuff) to get your reduced notarizations today and today only!

Notaries normally charge $15 per signature to notarize your documents, but today I am offering $10 instead of $15.  And I’m only here till 1:00pm so stop by and see me before I leave.

Discount Notary Day 4

One Thing: No Effort, Big Expectation

Work for it. Put in the time. Make the effort. So many people want something to happen for them, to them around them, that all they need to do is something! It’s the same mindset behind playing the lottery. You think that by playing a set of random numbers that you’re going to get a windfall of money and life will be ten times better?

Be your own windfall.

Yes, by all means dream big. But work bigger. Harder. More.

Money Tip: Set Goals

Saving and allocating dollars to certain funds is essential. It makes the whole process of monitoring and managing our money that much more tolerable, especially if it’s not our best quality or if we really hate being THAT responsible.

I would say I get it, but I like watching my money. I like knowing where every dollar went or where it goes. Even watching rent money slip through my fingers to someone else, gives me some sort of adrenaline knowing those dollars were successfully (key word) allocated for that purpose.

But I don’t just have funds I save for. I have an overall dollar amount I want to attain. This dollar amount – which I’m a little embarrassed to share – is my “I arrived” dollar figure. This amount is not meant to bring me happiness or endless good luck. This purpose is about peace of mind. Peace of mind in the sense that if everything should fall apart, I would still financially be fine. It’s what I also worked towards when saving for everything else. It’s part of the prize of my hustle.

What is your goal amount?

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Graphic Design

Now, graphic designers are becoming as ubiquitous as real estate agents.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a good side hustle or even a good living being one.   And we all know that the more you do something, the more you practice at it, the better you become.  And the better you become, the more you can charge.

With free sites like, you can begin to teach yourself the basics about graphic designing.  It’s no PhotoShop, but hey, eveyone’s got to start somewhere.  And once you’ve nailed resizing, duplicating and choosing the right font, maybe you can go ahead and invest in learning PhotoShop and other tools of the trade.

Much success!

One Things Thursdays

I’ve decided to get rid of “Thursday’s Thoughts” Theme for my blog.  I have too many thoughts when it’s not Thursdays and not even enough when the day comes.  Besides,the original idea behind Thursday’s Thoughts was to spark conversation among us lady hustlers, but instead, I’m going to channel the same goal with a twist called:

One Things Thursday

In fact, One Thing Thursday will be goal oriented and the honesty of the achievements and failures of that one thing.  They stay that real success is n’t mastered or conducted all at once, but rather one step, one action at a time.  In my case, it will be just one thing.

Wine Wednesday: Moscato & Seized!

What the hell is this?!

Backpage Shut Down

First, Craig’s List hits me with a curve ball requiring all those posting services to pony-up $5 per post.  I know $5 may not sound like a lot but when you’ve been paying nothing for years and you have 10 ads posted at any given time, $5 adds up quickly.  Only to find out that BackPage has been seized

What is going on in the online classified world right now?

Needless to say, I’ve had to get very strategically in marketing efforts here.  Try new things I’ve once thought about.  Pay for promoted content and keep on my search for other free and reputable outlets to increase my clientle base.

If it ain’t one thing, it sure is another.

But I while I figure these marketing plans, I an swirling a glass of Bay Bridge Moscato.  Didn’t know Bay Bridge made Moscato, but who doesn’t.  I like Moscato and this particular brand is all right.  Although, Moscato is the wine for people who really don’t like wine and don’t know how to drink wine, so they gravitate towards something they’re familiar with, something that tastes like juice.  Thus, Moscato.  Not to mention, I have to yet post a white wine.  Nothing personal… entirely.

Wine Wednesday: Moscato

If anyone knows any reputable, non-seized and still free online classified sites, please let me know.  I am on the hunt as I am sure many others are too.

Monday Tip: Talk About Money

Talk about the money.

No, really. Money has been made to be this big taboo thing that we’re suppose to get keep to ourselves. So we secretly suffer under the weight of these money issues – debt, student loan payments, bills we’re behind on – never sharing our problems and never getting any helpful answers or real solutions.

And not all of us can afford a financial advisor to get advice from to better manage our money.

So I swap deets with friends. Not all my friends, obviously. But I do have one or two people in which I share ideas on how I manage my money and the struggles I have with cutting back here and there and what I’m learning and putting into practice. And it feels so good to have someone who can be money sound board. No guilt, no shame. Just open dialogue.