The past couple of weeks I’ve been slacking with the blog.  Oops.  But I think it happens to the best of us.  For those of us who don’t quite make our living completely from the internet, we still have our 9-5s to contend with.  In my case, I’m putting in overtime while a co-worker is a on medical leave for the next month.  Plus, I’m working on more efficient ways to market my notary business, meeting with other side clients, helping my mom, and pretending from time to time I have some semblance of a life that isn’t consumed with demands and obligations.

I say all that to say: I’m going to be experimenting with some of content this next month and I am welcoming all feedback and commentary.  And other women who want to share their hustling stories.

It may not feel like spring everywhere, but we’re gonna spring forward nonetheless.

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