What the hell is this?!

Backpage Shut Down

First, Craig’s List hits me with a curve ball requiring all those posting services to pony-up $5 per post.  I know $5 may not sound like a lot but when you’ve been paying nothing for years and you have 10 ads posted at any given time, $5 adds up quickly.  Only to find out that BackPage has been seized

What is going on in the online classified world right now?

Needless to say, I’ve had to get very strategically in marketing efforts here.  Try new things I’ve once thought about.  Pay for promoted content and keep on my search for other free and reputable outlets to increase my clientle base.

If it ain’t one thing, it sure is another.

But I while I figure these marketing plans, I an swirling a glass of Bay Bridge Moscato.  Didn’t know Bay Bridge made Moscato, but who doesn’t.  I like Moscato and this particular brand is all right.  Although, Moscato is the wine for people who really don’t like wine and don’t know how to drink wine, so they gravitate towards something they’re familiar with, something that tastes like juice.  Thus, Moscato.  Not to mention, I have to yet post a white wine.  Nothing personal… entirely.

Wine Wednesday: Moscato

If anyone knows any reputable, non-seized and still free online classified sites, please let me know.  I am on the hunt as I am sure many others are too.

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