Saving and allocating dollars to certain funds is essential. It makes the whole process of monitoring and managing our money that much more tolerable, especially if it’s not our best quality or if we really hate being THAT responsible.

I would say I get it, but I like watching my money. I like knowing where every dollar went or where it goes. Even watching rent money slip through my fingers to someone else, gives me some sort of adrenaline knowing those dollars were successfully (key word) allocated for that purpose.

But I don’t just have funds I save for. I have an overall dollar amount I want to attain. This dollar amount – which I’m a little embarrassed to share – is my “I arrived” dollar figure. This amount is not meant to bring me happiness or endless good luck. This purpose is about peace of mind. Peace of mind in the sense that if everything should fall apart, I would still financially be fine. It’s what I also worked towards when saving for everything else. It’s part of the prize of my hustle.

What is your goal amount?

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