I just got home. From work. Which would be normal at this time had I went in the office around 9:30am or 10:00am.

But, no. I was there at 7:30am. Left as at 6:00pm. Quite literally I was there from open to close. Well, technically, our West Covina office opens at 6:30am, but whatever. I there for 10 hours. Why 10 hours, you ask? Definitely not from the goodess of my soul. We’ve been short staffed in our department since the middle of March and I’ve been staying overtime when I can. And come to find out this afternoon before leaving work, we’re gonna be short staff another person because her father passed away in the Philippines.

So… that means we go from doing double work in our department to do triple work.

Now, I would love say this why people quit and start their businesses and ventures but it’s now. It’s really not. I’m planning on terminating my job because I don’t feel valued where I work and I’ve never really felt valued. I feel more like I’m a machine that orders are fed into and I’m supposed to spit out. I feel like a Hebrew slave!

But seriously, being continuously piled on with other people’s work and having deadlines being regularly shortened is not my bag. And I get it, life happens to us — the parts of life we can’t control, like the death of a loved and the mental breakdown of a coworker. Shit happens.

But it would be nice if management acknowledged our efforts, especially when it’s for the team. ‘Cause, listen, I can be all about Michelle every day all day long and not give a damn. I really could. But I want to enjoy my work and who I’m working around. Whether it’s in the office for an employer for the short foreseeable future or for myself.

And days like these are reminders… motivators, to some extent, as to why I’m so hell bent on being on my own. I want to control my own happiness. And my happiness, in large part, comes from what I do.

I wonder how many of my tribe feel like this too.

PTHS: Not Enough Time

Part-time Hustle Struggles: Not enough hours in the day

I think one of the most challenging things I find about hustling part time is not having enough time to get everything I want done. Of course, people will say if you want it bad enough, you’ll make time. True. To a point.

And then there those memes that say Beyoncé has the same 24 hours in her as I do. Well, Beyonce isn’t also trying to pay off student loans. Hell, show me one loan Beyoncé had before she blew up big that she struggled to pay off (granted, I don’t know that much about Beyonce’s finances pre-fame).

Let me not side track to what Beyoncé has and what I do not.

Point: it can be challenging to make the serious moves and commitments you need to make when you’re still punching in a clock and on someone else’s schedule.

Anyone disagree?

May Discount Notary Day (Discount Day #5)

Getting back into the groove of things…

It’s May’s Discount Notary Day, notary #5!  I am here at the Starbucks on the corner of 6th Street and Spring in gloomy but still bustling downtown Los Angeles (603 S. Spring St).  And a very spacious Starbucks it is indeed.

If, whatever reason, you need a notarization of any sort, come join me!  Plus, I’m giving my first notary client of the day a free $10 iTunes gift card.  And all you have to do is be the first one to get a notarization.

All notarization fees are reduced to $10.  No travel fees because you’re meeting me here. I’m only here till 1:00pm.  Don’t wait to long!

May Discount Notary Day

It’s Been a Minute

I think it’s common — at least common for me — to have bouts of time where I retreat within myself.  I don’t think it’s depression or anything like that, but an unspecified amount of time where I just need to regroup.   The plan isn’t going to plan and I need to find my way my to the tracks I’ve laid out thus far.

Get back to it.

I’m been pulling some over time at a job I am no fan of while a coworker is on medical leave — she broke down at the office and has been out for over two months.  Got rejected (again) for a great job I had two rounds of interviews with and felt great about.  Had only one phone interview.  Been working on building my Notary business, setting up conference calls with brokers and loan doc companies.  Trying to squeeze in time to volunteer — as that can be a foot in the door for an opportunity I have yet thought of .  And still playing roommate with mom.

It’s been a interesting few months.  And I’m sure it’s only going to get more interesting as the days continue on.  But what I cannot do is neglect my other single, female hustlers.  After all, you are my tribe.  You are on my same wave length and there are no other group of people I would rather share my experiences, internet finds and proven tricks with.

Getting back to it because I know it’s been a minute.  Bear with me.  We’re going to finish this quarter, the next and the rest of the year strong!