PTHS: Not Enough Time

Part-time Hustle Struggles: Not enough hours in the day I think one of the most challenging things I find about hustling part time is not having enough time to get everything I want done. Of course, people will say if you want it bad enough, you'll make time. True. To a point. And then there... Continue Reading →

May Discount Notary Day (Discount Day #5)

Getting back into the groove of things... It's May's Discount Notary Day, notary #5!  I am here at the Starbucks on the corner of 6th Street and Spring in gloomy but still bustling downtown Los Angeles (603 S. Spring St).  And a very spacious Starbucks it is indeed. If, whatever reason, you need a notarization... Continue Reading →

It’s Been a Minute

I think it's common -- at least common for me -- to have bouts of time where I retreat within myself.  I don't think it's depression or anything like that, but an unspecified amount of time where I just need to regroup.   The plan isn't going to plan and I need to find my way... Continue Reading →

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