I think it’s common — at least common for me — to have bouts of time where I retreat within myself.  I don’t think it’s depression or anything like that, but an unspecified amount of time where I just need to regroup.   The plan isn’t going to plan and I need to find my way my to the tracks I’ve laid out thus far.

Get back to it.

I’m been pulling some over time at a job I am no fan of while a coworker is on medical leave — she broke down at the office and has been out for over two months.  Got rejected (again) for a great job I had two rounds of interviews with and felt great about.  Had only one phone interview.  Been working on building my Notary business, setting up conference calls with brokers and loan doc companies.  Trying to squeeze in time to volunteer — as that can be a foot in the door for an opportunity I have yet thought of .  And still playing roommate with mom.

It’s been a interesting few months.  And I’m sure it’s only going to get more interesting as the days continue on.  But what I cannot do is neglect my other single, female hustlers.  After all, you are my tribe.  You are on my same wave length and there are no other group of people I would rather share my experiences, internet finds and proven tricks with.

Getting back to it because I know it’s been a minute.  Bear with me.  We’re going to finish this quarter, the next and the rest of the year strong!

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