PTHS: When Family is an Obligation/ Living Alone

Part Time Hustle Struggles: So my mom has been staying with me going on 4 months now. 😐 Regardless of how I feel about the details of it all, family is a priority and my mom needs my help right now and this is how I can help her.

As of last Thursday, my sister has been staying with me as well. 😶 A decision I had no part in. My sister goes to school in New Jersey and when my mom moved in with me, she didn’t tell my sister about her ordeal hoping she’d find a job and secure another place to live before my sister finished school for the school year and headed home for the summer. Needless to say, my mom withheld that information from my sister till the top of June after having several conversations with my sister about how excited she was to come back home.

But my sister no longer had a home. After the semester ended in May, my sister was staying with her dad who also lives in New Jersey and formerly worked at the university she is attending. Rather than have my sister just make this one sacrifice and stay with her dad this summer this one time, my mom scramble up some extra cash and help my sister buy a plane ticket to come “home” to Los Angeles for summer.

I found this out the Tuesday before she flew in. That Thursday. Yeah… a week ago. 😑 So, in less than a week’s time, I’ve been sharing my average studio size apartment with both my mom and my sister.

No personal space. No working space. I find myself staying later at work — a place I don’t like — to avoid coming home because it forces me to put on this face like everything is okay and it isn’t.

And I feel bad that I feel this way. I feel bad for wanting my space and wanting my time, the room to think and carry on long conversations by myself to myself. I miss being able to just wear a tshirt and panties at my leisure. I miss having my company over. I miss being able to talk freely on the phone about anything.

I don’t even have kids of my own and family has become such a huge obligation that I never planned for.

I feel like I now gotta find time at work to work on my own work. How am I suppose find the momentum, the motivation here, when I can’t even stretch my legs?

I miss living alone.

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Photographer

I think this is a side hustle I’ve been a little leery about sharing, not because I don’t believe it can’t be a lucrative side hustle, but because the market is so heavily saturated. I mean, I can think of five people I know personally who are self proclaimed photographers, regardless of how successful their hustle may be. And I love photography. I love taking pictures, even if it’s on my smartphone. I mean, there are dozens of apps out there dedicated to art of taking pictures.

But when people think of photography as a way to make money, they think photo shops, weddings, big production events because that’s where the money is. But how does one break into an industry where there is so much competition? Look for other niche markets.

Such as…?

Maybe you can be a business photographer. Companies need someone to professionally take of their business location for their website or social media. Or take pictures for a local digital magazine. Or…create your own.

Sites like Foap will pay you for your photos. In other words, in a market so competitive, find opportunities that aren’t. After all, the best side hustles are finding markets whose needs have not been met.

Stay hustlin’!

Professional Development

I am a big believer in professional development. I actually spent of all of 2015 focusing on that, more specifically Marketing. Much to my surprise, my current employer thought nothing of it, but that hasn’t slowed me down one bit!

I’m currently sitting in my Bookkeeping/ Accounting Concepts and Analysis class. This stuff is a bit over my head, but I’m going to stick it out and single hustlin’ female do not give up or given.

The Hustle Doesn’t Care

I had two jobs interviews today for Marketing roles. Still went to work for about 6 hours prior to my interviews. My mom.had my sister flown while she’s on summer break from her first year in college and we are all cozy-ing it up in my studio apartment. Six weeks of the the closest quality family time ever.

And I managed to collect the contact information of six Escrow Officers for my notary business. Because at the end of the day, no matter how wild my home and personal life gets and becomes, the hustle doesn’t care.

The hustle doesn’t care that I’m supporting and trying to be supportive of my mother. The hustle doesn’t care that my sister really needed to come home for the summer even though her home will temporarily have to be my home. The hustle doesn’t care that I have take interviews and leave work early.

The hustle just wants know if I’m still going to push through all this in the midst of these trials and tribulations. The hustle wants to know how bad do I want my dreams and what I’m willing to do for them; what I’m willing to suffer through for them

The hustle just wants to know if I’m stl gonna hustle.

And I am.