I have to share this story with you. It’s almost too amusing not to…

So I had a job interview this past Wednesday after work. Normally, I would have been doing overtime at my current job, but I received an email from a law firm asking me to come in that same day. The young woman, some executive coordinator, admitted she knew it was short notice but wanted to see if I was available as they were planning on hiring immediately.

At first I said yes. Gotta jump on every opportunity that comes my way, right? Then I realized how I looked. I looked busted as f*ck! I mean, I had on no make up and I don’t wear much, if any to work, but I like to put something on for a job interview. I had forgotten to put my earrings on that morning so my ears were bare. My hair could have used some taming. I was wearing my nearly dead sneakers… so badly worn that the the sides of the shoes have separated itself from the shoes themselves. On both shoes! And some frumpy outfit. I was dressed in overtime mode. I was planning to work from open to close.

Then this opportunity came along.

But I looked like I could make babies cry. So I called and emailed the woman back asking if I could reschedule for Friday if possible. No response.

So I took my busted looking ass to the interview. Beforehand, I tried to lay my hair down as evenly as possible. I put on a little lip gloss. Kept my coat on so none of them could see how awful my clothes had looked that day and said I was going to give the performance of my life. Not because I wanted the job that badly. But because of how awful I looked and how much I knew that was going to play with my head.

Needless to say, I interviewed with the Operations Manager as and the CFO of the company. I thought I did a marvelous job (but interviewing isn’t what necessarily scares me). The interview itself was about 45 minutes long. I was told that if I was a viable candidate, I would be brought back in to meet the owner of the company. They thanked me for coming in. I thank them for having me. And that mental intake of air I inhaled was finally released when I left the building.

I keep reminding myself that I need to be prepared at all times because I never know whom I’m going to meet and the one time I throw caution to the wind…ugh.

I could’ve canceled it. That would’ve been childish. I could have no showed. Even more childish. Could’ve beat myself up over it. Then I knew I definitely would have blown it. Instead I chose to woman up and still show the better side of myself. Despite less than perfect circumstances.

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