What We Do For Friends

I just spent 30 minutes at David’s Bridal trying on a bridesmaid dresses. And although there’s nothing particularly interesting with said event, I realized how much I hated the experience.

But it’s for my best friend. Who I have known since I was in the first grade. I won’t tell you how we met, because it’s embarrassing — probably no more embarrassing than how the bridesmaids dress looked on me just then — but regardless of that one encounter, we’ve been friends, best friends since then.

Well, technically she’ll be marrying her new best friend. A man who treats her well and has her best interest at heart. A man all of us single hustlin’ ladies deserve. And it was in the dressing room I was cringing at the sight of myself in this halter top dress. I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment (remember how after Aiden asked Carrie to marry him, she said yes. Then she and Miranda went to try on wedding dresses for fun but Carrie began having a panic attack and had Miranda rip the dress off of her?) Yep. Very close to having my own similar moment.

But I will be a bridesmaid. Because she is my friend. Very dear and near to me. And I will do this for her. Single Hustlin’ women understand we make all sorts of sacrifices and compromises. And not just about our time or our business and side hustles, but regarding life, love and friendship.

Now matter how awkward as hell it may make us feel.

Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Professional Organizer

I did a little —very little— of this myself in my earlier hustlin’ years but nothing came of it because…well, I prefer a little disorganized chaos in my life. But it’s a great gig for those you who are meticulous about order and tidiness and neatness.

I like order and everything, but I also like things look productive. Anytime I see a desk that’s too neat, I just think to myself, “they ain’t working”. Now, maybe that’s just me but I’m use to stepping into the thick of things, so it gets messy in my world from time to time. But getting back to organization…

I took a professional development class a few years ago from a man whose wife is a professional organizer and every so often I’ll get her newsletters about quick organizational tips and seasonal tidying tips. What’s so cool about her gig is as professional organizer, she provides the individual service for those requesting help getting organized, she teaches a class on it, and she sends out newsletters with tips to clients and those that signed up. She is just spewing out information and resources like no other. In other words, she’s made being a professional organizer a very versatile opportunity beyond the name. As all gigs should really be.

So, does anyone want to come over and, uh, I don’t know, help me get rid of these papers, old pens and dusting collecting magazines?

Happy Friday: Going Beyond

Happy, happy Friday my fellow hustlers.

It’s going to be a glorious day today because for many, this is the end of the work week! And if it’s not, your end of the work week is coming!

But back to me…

I am happy this Friday because earlier this week, I got a new notary client who needed several personal documents notarized for identification purposes and as a result, she put me over the target amount I wanted to earned this month for my business, my hustle. Meeting my target was great when I hit it. Going beyond it, feels better. It’s a remonder to me that, yes, I can achieve whatever I want and I can do better than I expected. Hell, we all can.

So who out there is going beyond their targets and goals with me?

I know I’m not the only happy Hustler out there today!

Make Plans, They Come True Too

I have a smile on my face today.

This passed Saturday I finally completed my passport filing.  I have made several appointments and at least two genuine attempts to apply for my passport but failed miserably do the confusion and time constraints.  But Saturday, I was on it!  I even found my passport photo that received when I had to the application and live scan for my notary commission.  I had been looking for it for months just about resigned to paying the additional $15 for something I knew I already had.  But when I woke that morning, something told to check behind headboard/stand and sure it enough it was.

I’m also smiling because I finally opened my business bank account, to better help me manage and separate my monies and expenses.  Something very important to me but never had the time to do.  Both tasks were completed within in a matter of week of one another.

And I’m smiling.   I’m smiling because it was earlier this year when I wrote what I called my “personal business plan”.  A document I typed up, edited and printed to show my goals for every quarter of the year.  And to be honest, much of the stuff I wanted to get done didn’t get completed, for whatever reasons .  But some stuff did.  And two large ticket items for me were my passport and business account.  I had them on wrote them down and included them in this quarterly task list.   Just last Friday, I met a financial goal, which I in the business plan as well.  There were items and unchecked boxes I was approach with much trepidation because I didn’t know the how.  I was worried that along with the conviction, I needed to know the how of my plans.  I mean, how else was I going to execute a plan if I didn’t know how I was going to do it?

But I’ve been working.  Networking.  Hustlin’.  Trying to go as hard as I can after dream and the things I need to get done in order to achieve the dream.  Keeping my head down more and just focusing on the bigger picture.  And my plans, however small or inconsequential to someone else, perhaps, are unfolding.   Not at the exact times I would like them to do, but they’re still taking shape and blossoming.  And it feels good. And has me smiling.  I’ve read about the power about making plans, writing it down, putting it on paper.  Something to do with the way our brain our wired to perceive actions and goals in our mind.  And I here I am on the path to be living proof.

AND I LOVE IT.  No, really.  I do.  I have finally seeing the fruits of my labor manifest.

What other plans can I make come true?  I’ve got time.

PTHS: Having an “On Call” Business

Yes, I like the idea of having a part time business that I control and generates income.

Yes, I like being able to control most of the fees in involved in my service (travel fee, rush service, etc.) The state of California dictates how much I can charge per notarization.

And yes, I like that I get the choose when I work… in theory…

See, I call myself a mobile/traveling notary which means I go to my clients when they need my services. Key word: “when“. So as much I may like the idea of controlling my hours, my hours are dependent on when my clients.

As single female who’s hustlin’, I can never forget that my business — or any business — is dependent on the client. No client, no business. Their time, my time. No matter I may be. No matter is I just woke up from what I was calling a nap before. I’m needed then serve.

No excuses.

But, it’s still my time.

Happy Fridays: Hitting Targets

Happy, happy Friday, my fellow hustlers. I tell my coworkers all the time, “I was looking forward to this Friday since last Friday!”

But I mean it when I say it.

And this Friday I’m particularly happy for… having met a financial target goal for the month!!! Whoooo! Seriously. I’ve set target money goals before and I’ve always struggled to meet them. And it’s taken a while for me to set a plan and a strategy in place and now that I’ve got one going I’m happy with the result.

And that meant adjusting my target goal to a more reasonable number that didn’t feel daunting or disappointing when I didn’t hit it. And there’s almost 2 weeks left in the month, and I’m wondering how much more can I push it.

I think I can push it and I think I should.

Wishing much success for many of you to hit your targets for the week or the month. And if you haven’t, I hope you’re on track!

Happy Friday.

What Are You Building?

Or more like, are the efforts I putting out today building the goals and dreams I envision in my head? And much of the time, my answer is I dont know. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have a plan in place of where I’d like to get to. It just means I am not always sure that everything I am doing is will factor in to the overall plan.

But… my actions are still fruitful and produce many positive and learning opportunities. Otherwise, I would need to either revisit the plan or start over. And starting over is too hard. Not impossible, just hard. And time consuming. And resource draining.

Every so often I am to remind myself that my actions will contribute to the means for a prosperous end and dont need to know the how every thing will fall into place. I just need to keep working on the dream and trust that it will fall into place.

Don’t stop building.