I’ve been slowly reworking my theme days here on the Female, Single & Hustlin’ blog, trying to share as much experience on this journey of mine and whatever viable resources I come across. And as I go through this process, I’m learning more important aspects of what it means to hustle, especially as a single woman in Los Angeles. But also what my fellow hustlers may be experiencing and looking for too.

I want to experiment with “happy Fridays”. Sounds strange, I know. But it’s one of the first things I say every Friday I’m in the office. Despite the fact I don’t want to be there. Despite the fact I don’t like my job. Despite the fact I’m not exactly where I want to be in this wonderous life, I can still muster up a “Happy Friday” to a coworker. And with joy in my voice. No, really.

So every Friday I want to explore what it means to be happy or in the pursuit of happiness as I and hopefully you get closer to our dream careers, our dream lifestyle. Our dream –whatever. Yes, happy Friday because the weekend is here. But are we happy because it’s the weekend? I mean, those things come every week. A recurring two day break from killer work weeks cannot be the true reason we say “Happy Friday.”

What is making us happy? Have we found it, and if not, are we pursuing it? If not, why not? Don’t we all deserve to be happy? And not some happiness but as much as our lives can hold?

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