Is Your Job Killing You? (BDO Article)


That’s my answer. I don’t think people hate their jobs because it’s a job. I think there’s something about the job we hate (I believe) that makes going to work such a pain. This article from shares the correlation between the frequency of heart attacks and the (work) day of week and that we feel about our jobs is taking a toll on our overall health:

PTHS: If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

… then maybe it should be a different season.

No seriously. I hate summer. Aside from the fact we get longer days with more light, I literally hate summer. I don’t go to the beach and if I do, it’s usually at night. I’m not a tank top and shorts kind of gal. Sadly, most of my wardrobe consists of slacks and decent blouses. So when it gets hot, then I get hot. Then I get irritable and I don’t want to do anything. Which makes it challenging to get the things I really need to do and the things i really want to do done.

But shouldn’t be my excuse, it is what it is. Same goes for being sick. Its hard to get anything done when you’re sick. Let alone take your ambitions to the next level.

Anybody feel me?