I have a smile on my face today.

This passed Saturday I finally completed my passport filing.  I have made several appointments and at least two genuine attempts to apply for my passport but failed miserably do the confusion and time constraints.  But Saturday, I was on it!  I even found my passport photo that received when I had to the application and live scan for my notary commission.  I had been looking for it for months just about resigned to paying the additional $15 for something I knew I already had.  But when I woke that morning, something told to check behind headboard/stand and sure it enough it was.

I’m also smiling because I finally opened my business bank account, to better help me manage and separate my monies and expenses.  Something very important to me but never had the time to do.  Both tasks were completed within in a matter of week of one another.

And I’m smiling.   I’m smiling because it was earlier this year when I wrote what I called my “personal business plan”.  A document I typed up, edited and printed to show my goals for every quarter of the year.  And to be honest, much of the stuff I wanted to get done didn’t get completed, for whatever reasons .  But some stuff did.  And two large ticket items for me were my passport and business account.  I had them on wrote them down and included them in this quarterly task list.   Just last Friday, I met a financial goal, which I in the business plan as well.  There were items and unchecked boxes I was approach with much trepidation because I didn’t know the how.  I was worried that along with the conviction, I needed to know the how of my plans.  I mean, how else was I going to execute a plan if I didn’t know how I was going to do it?

But I’ve been working.  Networking.  Hustlin’.  Trying to go as hard as I can after dream and the things I need to get done in order to achieve the dream.  Keeping my head down more and just focusing on the bigger picture.  And my plans, however small or inconsequential to someone else, perhaps, are unfolding.   Not at the exact times I would like them to do, but they’re still taking shape and blossoming.  And it feels good. And has me smiling.  I’ve read about the power about making plans, writing it down, putting it on paper.  Something to do with the way our brain our wired to perceive actions and goals in our mind.  And I here I am on the path to be living proof.

AND I LOVE IT.  No, really.  I do.  I have finally seeing the fruits of my labor manifest.

What other plans can I make come true?  I’ve got time.

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