I did a little —very little— of this myself in my earlier hustlin’ years but nothing came of it because…well, I prefer a little disorganized chaos in my life. But it’s a great gig for those you who are meticulous about order and tidiness and neatness.

I like order and everything, but I also like things look productive. Anytime I see a desk that’s too neat, I just think to myself, “they ain’t working”. Now, maybe that’s just me but I’m use to stepping into the thick of things, so it gets messy in my world from time to time. But getting back to organization…

I took a professional development class a few years ago from a man whose wife is a professional organizer and every so often I’ll get her newsletters about quick organizational tips and seasonal tidying tips. What’s so cool about her gig is as professional organizer, she provides the individual service for those requesting help getting organized, she teaches a class on it, and she sends out newsletters with tips to clients and those that signed up. She is just spewing out information and resources like no other. In other words, she’s made being a professional organizer a very versatile opportunity beyond the name. As all gigs should really be.

So, does anyone want to come over and, uh, I don’t know, help me get rid of these papers, old pens and dusting collecting magazines?

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