I just spent 30 minutes at David’s Bridal trying on a bridesmaid dresses. And although there’s nothing particularly interesting with said event, I realized how much I hated the experience.

But it’s for my best friend. Who I have known since I was in the first grade. I won’t tell you how we met, because it’s embarrassing — probably no more embarrassing than how the bridesmaids dress looked on me just then — but regardless of that one encounter, we’ve been friends, best friends since then.

Well, technically she’ll be marrying her new best friend. A man who treats her well and has her best interest at heart. A man all of us single hustlin’ ladies deserve. And it was in the dressing room I was cringing at the sight of myself in this halter top dress. I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment (remember how after Aiden asked Carrie to marry him, she said yes. Then she and Miranda went to try on wedding dresses for fun but Carrie began having a panic attack and had Miranda rip the dress off of her?) Yep. Very close to having my own similar moment.

But I will be a bridesmaid. Because she is my friend. Very dear and near to me. And I will do this for her. Single Hustlin’ women understand we make all sorts of sacrifices and compromises. And not just about our time or our business and side hustles, but regarding life, love and friendship.

Now matter how awkward as hell it may make us feel.

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