Sending Off an Los Angeles Favorite

Today marks the last day of service for a Los Angeles favorite in the heart of the Miracle Mile. After a 40 year run, the small chain restaurant is closing its doors due to higher rent (damn, Los Angeles).

The closing of my favorite brunch spot saddens me as I know that their closing isn’t due to bad business, but high rent. Something many Angelinos are facing, myself included. And their isn’t another place like this, let another restaurant of the same family chain, for 20 miles or so.

So I’m here with family and many other patrons sending off the restuarant and its warm staff, wishing them better endeavors.

And enjoying a heart meal… or two. After, they served one mean buffet style brunch.

Thanks you, Callendar’s for your wonderful food (they had a pretty good), friendly staff and convenient locations


Thanks to Postmates’ free delivery for Chipotle orders through this weekend, I can go to bed with a full (although I ate hours ago) belly.

Now I Chipotle, Now It’s Gone

Night, my fellow hustlers.

Happy Friday: Everyday I’m Hustlin’!

Forgetting that today is Friday the 13th, because hustlers don’t believe in superstition, we believe in hard ass work — Happy Friday, my fellow hustlers.

This Friday is very happy for me for a number of reasons.

One, I just published my photo/poetry book yesterday on Amazon and I’m so excited about it.

Two, I’ve been doing some digital networking and reaching out to people making connections which I will be following up and meeting with during the rest of July.

Three, I have a new short term client I’m taking on today. Hoping he spreads the word and shares my awesomeness with others.

Four, getting ready to start book number two, inspired by this blog site no less (way excited about that!!!!)

And five… did I mention it was Friday?

Not gon’ lie, I got Kris Kross’ “Jump” playing in a loop in my head.

Hey… I Published a Book

And I’m excited about it.

Now, it’s now great American novel and it doesn’t fall into a story genre, but a little somethin’-somethin’ I’ve been working on.

It’s a short body of work that combines poetry and photos summed up as a snippet of my perspective as an Los Angeles dweller. And I hope to work on more writing and book projects and the near future.

And I will have the upmost respect for anyone who is interested in purchasing my book: (you should already know there is no shame in my hustlin’ game).

Is Your Job Killing You? (BDO Article)


That’s my answer. I don’t think people hate their jobs because it’s a job. I think there’s something about the job we hate (I believe) that makes going to work such a pain. This article from shares the correlation between the frequency of heart attacks and the (work) day of week and that we feel about our jobs is taking a toll on our overall health:

PTHS: If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

… then maybe it should be a different season.

No seriously. I hate summer. Aside from the fact we get longer days with more light, I literally hate summer. I don’t go to the beach and if I do, it’s usually at night. I’m not a tank top and shorts kind of gal. Sadly, most of my wardrobe consists of slacks and decent blouses. So when it gets hot, then I get hot. Then I get irritable and I don’t want to do anything. Which makes it challenging to get the things I really need to do and the things i really want to do done.

But shouldn’t be my excuse, it is what it is. Same goes for being sick. Its hard to get anything done when you’re sick. Let alone take your ambitions to the next level.

Anybody feel me?

Happy Fridays

I’ve been slowly reworking my theme days here on the Female, Single & Hustlin’ blog, trying to share as much experience on this journey of mine and whatever viable resources I come across. And as I go through this process, I’m learning more important aspects of what it means to hustle, especially as a single woman in Los Angeles. But also what my fellow hustlers may be experiencing and looking for too.

I want to experiment with “happy Fridays”. Sounds strange, I know. But it’s one of the first things I say every Friday I’m in the office. Despite the fact I don’t want to be there. Despite the fact I don’t like my job. Despite the fact I’m not exactly where I want to be in this wonderous life, I can still muster up a “Happy Friday” to a coworker. And with joy in my voice. No, really.

So every Friday I want to explore what it means to be happy or in the pursuit of happiness as I and hopefully you get closer to our dream careers, our dream lifestyle. Our dream –whatever. Yes, happy Friday because the weekend is here. But are we happy because it’s the weekend? I mean, those things come every week. A recurring two day break from killer work weeks cannot be the true reason we say “Happy Friday.”

What is making us happy? Have we found it, and if not, are we pursuing it? If not, why not? Don’t we all deserve to be happy? And not some happiness but as much as our lives can hold?

Happy 4th of July, My Fellow Hustlers

Now, granted, I’m all for taking time off to regroup, rejuvenate one’s self and definitely get away from that 9-5 that steals time from our personal pursuits and joys… but really? On a Wednesday? Is this like 2018’s idea of a joke?

I don’t know. But… as much as I wish this day was falling on a Monday or even better, a Friday, I will graciously enjoy this well deserved federal holiday off. As should you.

And to you all out there celebrating with friends and family, barbequing and fire-working, enjoy, be safe and have a good time!