This week, I’ve felt like I’ve been battling my own sanity. And those damn why questions can keep one up so late at night.

Why isn’t my marketing working?

Why don’t I have more clients?

Why does this momentum take so long to build up?

Why do I feel like I’m never doing enough to make what I want happen?

And the juggling act never helps. Family living with me, full time job, part time business, just self published a book, part time gigs. I mean, a girl lady can start to feel overwhelmed if this keeps up. And I think I was beginning to feel that.

But, I took out one my handy journals — I have a few — and as I plotted what I needed to do to get from where I am to where I want to be, I also included my reasons. Again. Sometimes I need to remind myself what all this is for. Why I pushmyself, why I keep reinventing myself and elements in my life to best fit the long term goal. I needed to remind myself why it is I am betting on myself. Why I know I’m going to make it. Because I am. One way or another. I need get over the “how” and focus on the “will”.

It will happen.

And it will happen for you too, my hustlers. We have our reasons for the hustle, but more importantly, we have our why.

So, Happy Friday to my fellow hustlers. And if you need a little reminder, always bet on yourself!

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