No, I know it’s the seventh day of the New Year.  And although you may think that my New Year’s greeting is a little (or a lot) late, we’re still in the time frame of people counting their days into the new year.  So, I don’t feel that late.

Now, for the last quarter of 2018, I was a little MIA, I know.  I suck.  But if it makes anyone feel better, I was very busy with my notary business towards the end of 2018.  Even at the start of the new year, which makes me feel pretty good.  But much of my success is owed to my consistency with my marketing efforts with the business.  Consistency.  Something I should have kept up with Single, Female and Hustlin’.

And that’s my goal for this year.  To provide better content for those single women out there who are hustlin’.  And we hustle for many reasons — cost of living, long term dreams, the desire to build our own business, a short-term goal — but whatever your reason for picking up a side hustle, I’d love to help you along the way however I can.

happy 2019

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