I hate to start off this way, but no. I did not accomplish my goal for the week. I did not send out my five emails to individuals who work in Escrow, Real Estate, Loan Origination or Title holding. But it wasn’t that I didn’t try or make effort. I was missing my Errors and Omissions insurance.

It’s a type of insurance that is highly suggested l signing agents possess in order to get signing work. And when I send out my emails to these people, I send a little packet that shows proof of this insurance. Without it, I am extremely less desirable to work with. I called yesterday and spoke with the company who is supposing to be releasing my document and information so I can get on getting business.

And so that I am not completely just wasting time here waiting, I did set up emails prepared to be sent out once I can add my new E&O insurance proof to my packet.

So, yeah. I slipped up. And I on the first week of this. But once I get my insurance cleared, I plan to send 10 emails out. 5 for the emails I missed for last week and 5 for this week.

But all means, hold me accountable!

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