In fact, watch your language. All the time.

A good close friend of mine and I were talking yesterday afternoon about the projects we have on our plates and how we both feel like we’ve got a lot going on right now. In the middle of our conversation, we realized we kept saying the word “done”. We kept talking about all the things we needed to get “done”. When we’re going to be “done”.

“Done” is kind of an awful word. It’s how some people want their steak… well “done”. Completed. Nothing more to add, nothing more to do. And although that may sound good, especially at the end of the work day, done that negates hard work. N

So we decided instead we would say “accomplished”. We don’t have a lot things to get done, we have a lot things to accomplish.

We need to become aware of our language. What we say and how we say it to ourselves. In the English language, we seem to use a lot of words interchangeably while some words are weaker or stronger than others. Sometimes to the right words can help us stay motivated and the wrong words can have us fizzling out.

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