I posted my event on Eventbrite. Then had Eventbrite link it to my Facebook page. I posted the event on my website. I added it on NextDoor. I bought raffle tickets, printed and laminated the raffle entry parameters. Had a cute thank you jar for the raffle tickets with a gold ribbon on it. I brought my laptop with me that had my stick-on “Notary Public” sign on it. I was prepared. And I was actually hyped up about it.

But there was one detailed I was not prepared for. The date. I had scheduled my relaunch of the 2019 Discount Notary Days on the same day as the women’s March. And unknowingly I had the audacity to position myself at a Starbucks that was a block away from the march.


And to make matters worse, when I arrived to the Starbucks, there were hoards of pro-women activists, men and women alike, hogging up what was suppose to be my pop-up notary space.

Fine. I’m not one for crowds, but I can deal, like anyone else. But that particular Starbucks had removed all the chairs in preparation for the women’s march. Making all visiting patrons stand.

Double ugh!!

So no place to sit, no place to set up, no place to position myself to be seen. No way to gauge if this was going to be successful turn out. No way to know if I had lost any business because of this blind spot. So I call my friend, Elissa. And vented. Loudly. Unprofessionally. I was upset. Everything I had prepared for had gone down the drain in minutes. So, after speaking with my friend for about 15 minutes, I decided I was going to stay as long as I could to see if I could “sense” any notary clients. A little less than an hour and a half into waiting and seeing what I could do to salvage the situation, I called it quits.

I didn’t want to stand any longer. And if I did, there was no place I would have been successful doing so. As the women’s March progressed on, I knew if I didn’t leave early enough, it’d be awhile before I could. So I headed home, sadden that my best laid plans had been crushed by a national event I had not been aware was taking place the same day.

But as unsuccessful as this past Saturday had turned out, I took a few takeaways from the day:

  • Hang in there for as long as you can
  • Remeber the company you’re around when shit hits the fan
  • A crappy day is just one day
  • Research conflicting dates

So after my hot-headed self cooled off, I collected my thoughts and started brainstorming other creative ideas to continue to get my business out there.

After all, I’m a hustler and I don’t go down without a fight.

What would you have done?

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