It’s been a very trying week. I was gonna to say it’s been a pretty decent week, but nah! The LAUSD strike directly affected my work and having teachers and students out was a gripping reality to the company I plan on departing shortly. In addition to that, my boss had made some changes within my department that everyone seems to be griping about. But, to me it’s just more of the same. One of the recruiters in the office asked me yesterday how long I’ve been with the company and I nearly choked when I had to say 4 and 1/2 years. Really. I was not proud or happy to share that information. I was embarrassed, but she had no idea how much I hate my job and how long I’ve been looking for something else.

But with all that being said, I do feel a change in the winds, something on the horizon. A new better-paying better-environment job? Well, I am well overdue for one those. But, I feel like there’s a positive life change headed my way and I am standing arms wide waiting to accept it.

Yes, I hope it’s a new job. I also hope it’s an increase in business and more opportunities coming my way. But whatever it is, I feel like a change needs to come. How ’bout you?

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