This may not be everyone’s M.O. and I get it. When things aren’t going as planned and the things you were already doing just got more challenging, go harder.

For real.

When life sucks, it puts a damper on your spirits and your motivation. It’s hard to do anything when sh*t is not going right anyways, right? And that’s when we tend to back away or slow down and reevaluate what we’re doing. I say no. You should say no.

When life and dream goals seem to be flailing, double down on them and remind yourself why you’re even in the game. Remind yourself why you’re working this hard, why your circle of friends have become a select few. Remind yourself why you’ve missed weddings and baby showers.

It’s because you weren’t gonna let a bad day or bad week… hell, a bad month stop you. No, you’re going harder.

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