Invest in your side hustle. Create and improve your marketing strategies. Take workshops and seminars to add to your skillset. The more you can stow away for rainy days.

In other words, focus on saving and you can do more than you originally planned for yourself and for your side hustle. I remember reading an article a few years back stating that if people wanted to earn more money in their jobs or respective field, they should spend 10% of their monthly take home pay on professional development. Classes, workshops, seminars, whatever it is.

The problem is most of us are spenders, not savers. We pay other people first before we pay ourselves then are left in this paycheck to paycheck cycle. But you can’t do that and be successful. We gotta figure how we can put aside our “mastermind” money so we can be successful and happy. And the more we save, the better our future will be. Whether we turn that side hustle into a business or build our dream home.

But it all stars today. What we’re willing to pur away today to build for tomorrow.

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